Danielle Conroy

Danielle is a specialist in the areas of transformational leadership development and organizational change. With over 25 years as an organizational development consultant, working both internally for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and co-founding and managing two successful consulting and training businesses in Australia, Danielle brings a significant breadth and depth to her consulting, teaching and coaching practice. These experiences have enabled her to develop an understanding of the complexity, challenges and rewards of working in medium, large and matrix organizations. 

Danielle recently moved from Australia to Marin, California to fulfill her dream to partner with some of the best consultants and companies in the world. She is a Principal Consultant with MetaIntegral Associates and Leadership Pathways, and a member of the core faculty of the three-year Embodied Practitioner Certification (EPC) program with MetaIntegral Academy. 

In all contexts, she guides and supports leaders and change agents to unlock and accelerate powerful mental, emotional and relational capacities that support them in navigating the complexity of today’s world and have greater impact in their organizations and industries. 

Danielle extensive experience includes facilitating, teaching, coaching & consulting on many processes of change that have fostered full participation and effective transitions. She inspires Senior Executives to lead and communicate with their colleagues and teams in ways that enroll and engage people in the bigger picture and raise their commitment to improving the triple bottom line (Profit, People & Planet). 

In the last several years, through her in depth coaching of women in leadership, her interest and passion in exploring authentic feminine leadership and its role in successful business has become a focus. To that end she is committed to extending the conversation about gender intelligence. 

Danielle’s clients value her creativity, depth of integral thinking, her emotional intelligence, focus on results and her partnership approach. She balances an intuitive understanding of people and deep listening skills, with her high level analytical ability and a strong focus on individual and collective development and learning.