Riverstone Endeavors

Transforming perspectives.
Navigating complexity.
Partnering for Success.




We partner with leaders to successfully navigate the complexity of organizations.


Shifting mindsets

When organizations can unleash the potential of their leaders—helping to transform the way they see and think about themselves, the organization, and the people in it—incredible things take place.
But it doesn’t just happen on its own…

Navigating Paradox

When leaders and organizations can hold two ‘opposites’ at once—be structured and flexible, focus on performance and people, show up with confidence and humility—they outperform those who can’t.
But saying it and doing it are two different things…

Culture and Strategy

When leaders and their organizations can navigate the complexity of human systems so that “how we do” doesn’t get in the way of “what we do,” real competitive advantage becomes possible.
But it takes more than brains to figure it out…

competitive advantage

When leaders can examine the thinking that drives their actions and results—while receiving the challenge and support to expand their perspectives—leadership transformation occurs.
But it takes a special mindset…