Lisa Silverberg

Because most people are trained to “do things” versus “lead others,” Lisa Silverberg helps new and seasoned leaders build skills on the being and doing of leadership.

Lisa was drawn into the world of capacity building over 20 years ago after witnessing so many brilliant, dedicated workers who were clearly not able to bring their most powerful selves to bear either because the systems they were working in were poorly managed, or because they themselves lacked the skills and experience to build workplaces that taught rising staff how to manage complex projects, lead individuals and teams, or most important, develop themselves into self-aware, powerful, impactful leaders.

Lisa helps people identify and leverage their personal gifts and contributions, develop the capacity to welcome and process feedback, and set personal and organizational goals. Then the work starts in aligning people’s behavior to new explicit intentions, identifying and shedding less effective patterns and approaches that are not serving those intentions, and experimenting with new practices that leverage both their own creativity and impact, and the creativity and impact of others.  

Lisa brings to her technical skills in capacity building, leadership development, planning, facilitation and coaching her contagious optimism, steadfast commitment, heartfelt honesty and abundant humor--not necessarily in that order!

Her most recent time has been spent serving on the faculty of the leadership development program at SEIU working to embed an Equity and Inclusion focus into the work of local and national leaders.  In addition to coaching clients in multiple organizations, she is also part of the Organizational Development Coaching Team of the Move to End Violence, a bold movement-building effort working to end violence against women and girls in the US.

In all of her work she is incorporating recent learnings in neuroscience and somatics into leadership development and coaching.

Lisa is a graduate of the Georgetown University certificate program in Organizational Development, and the Coaches Training Institute. She has worked with the Service Employees International Union, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Move to End Violence, The Partnership for Working Families, Action for Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Campaign, The Responsible Endowments Coalition, and many more.

Lisa served on the selection committee for the Washington Post/Center for Nonprofit Advancement Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management for 5 years. Spurred by a life-long curiosity and an interest in challenging questions, she earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism (University of Miami, FL) and master’s degrees in both Literature (Georgetown, DC) and in Sociology (American University, DC).

When she’s not working, you will likely find her laughing at or with her son, or paddling her kayak.