Neeraj Bhagat, ACC, MBA, PMP

Neeraj Bhagat is an experienced executive and leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.  Throughout his twenty-five years of professional work, he has been drawn to the “human side” of business, playing the roles of coach, facilitator, and advisor while holding formal positions in management, consulting, teaching strategy, marketing, and sales.  He has experience working in organizations of all sizes, from startups to very large entities.  He has coached and trained people across the enterprise, from front line employees to Chief Executive Officers.  

Neeraj brings a wealth of real-world business experience which he combines with his “compassionately intense” style to help clients achieve breakthroughs that immensely impact their organizations and their lives.  He is a fierce champion of what is possible and an empathetic holder of the proverbial mirror, so clients experience deep learning and achieve progressive action towards major goals.  Neeraj believes in the co-active leadership model where the client and coach work together to guide the coaching relationship.

Neeraj commonly addresses the following coaching topics with Clients:

·      Increasing individual and team effectiveness

·      Leading and managing organizational change

·      Improving alignment with organizational goals and values

·      Managing conflict and difficult situations

·      Building a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion