Our Team


We’re an intentionally small group of seasoned practitioners committed to facilitating real change in client systems.


Our strong network of strategic partners allows us to nimbly do what’s best for the client—all the time, every time.

Brian Emerson, PhD

Founder and Principal

Brian Emerson, Ph.D. is Principal and Founder of Riverstone Endeavors, a firm committed to helping leaders navigate organizational complexity. He has an impressive history of partnering with organizations around the world to achieve sustained results in leadership development, aligning organizational culture and strategy, and harnessing the power of polarities—holding two seemingly-opposites at once, e.g., Structure:Flexibility, Decentralize:Centralize, etc. Clients attribute Brian’s success to his “uncanny insight and ability to balance human dynamics with business needs,” the way he “simultaneously challenges and inspires,” and “getting results while having fun.”  

His research led to the development of two related theories. Suffering Paradox theory explains what happens when groups have no objective way to deal with paradoxical situations, and the theory of Navigating Paradox outlines the dynamics of groups using polarity maps to effectively leverage paradoxical complexities.

In addition to consulting and coaching, Brian teaches about paradox in leadership and organizations at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Maryland, and as co-director of Georgetown University’s Certificate in Polarities and Paradox.

He is the co-author of two books, A Manager’s Guide to Coaching, and Polarities: And—An Introduction, the first book in the Polarities: And series, which he co-edits (due out summer 2019).

Brian holds an M.A. in Organizational Communication, an M.A. in Human Development, and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems. He is a Master in Polarity Thinking and has a certificate in Organizational Development from Georgetown University.

He lives outside Washington, D.C. where he and his partner are restoring a historic farm and trying their best to keep bees.


Jenny Patterson

Director of Operations and Client Engagement

Jenny is Director of Operations and Client Engagement. With 19 years of experience in account service, project management, marketing strategy, branding and advertising communications, she brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to managing our programs and client services.

Jenny's passion lies in building strong client relationships that last throughout the changing needs of business today. She seeks to not only understand, but to anticipate, client needs and goals—and works tirelessly to ensure the execution of successful programs from conception to launch.

Jenny enjoys spending her spare time reading, knitting, and nurturing animals, including feeding Goldfish crackers to
Brian's goats.


Strategic partners


Amy Levine

Amy comes to Riverstone as the owner and principal consultant for Think Feel Act Do, LLC. With over 25 years of progressive Human Resource experience, she has successfully led organizational development initiatives for a wide range of clients. Amy has extensive experience in performing organizational audits to identify and analyze performance gaps. She has worked with several organizations to create high potential leadership development programs, and holds a variety of certifications to empower clients achieve their best results.

Danielle Conroy

Danielle is an independent consultant who specializes in the areas of transformational leadership development and organizational change. With over 25 years as an organizational development consultant, working both internally for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and co-founding and managing two successful consulting and training businesses in Australia, Danielle brings a significant breadth and depth to her consulting, teaching, and coaching practice. These experiences have enabled her to develop an understanding of the complexity, challenges, and rewards of working in medium, large, and matrix organizations. Danielle comes to Riverstone as a Principal Consultant with MetaIntegral Associates and Leadership Pathways.

Julia Douglas

Julia is the President of Momenteam, and joins Riverstone with 25 years of experience as a facilitator and team coach. Julia’s training solutions are noted for their engaging process, diverse and unique learning components, and immediately applicable take-aways that positively impact group performance.

Julia’s programs are often focused on successfully launching new teams and/or re-igniting teams-in-progress, and are customized to help participants improve in key areas such as leadership, communication, presence & storytelling, managing change, decision-making & problem-solving, time-management, and the overall strengthening of a group’s culture & relationships.

Lisa Silverberg

Lisa helps people identify and leverage their personal gifts and contributions, develop the capacity to welcome and process feedback, and set personal and organizational goals. She has extensive experience with aligning people’s behavior to new explicit intentions, helping them to identify and shed less effective actions that are not serving those intentions and experiment with new practices that leverage both their own creativity and impact and the creativity and impact of others.  

As the founder of Process Matters, Lisa comes to Riverstone with considerable technical skills in capacity building, leadership development, planning, facilitation, and coaching. 

Nancy Wallis, PhD

Nancy is a scholar practitioner who is committed to the study and practice of leadership. She is well known for her work with senior executives and their teams to improve their efficacy in change and organizational learning in alignment with goals and desired outcomes.  

Nancy comes to Riverstone with extensive experience in executive coaching and teaching on the practice of leadership in complex and challenging organizational settings. Her particular interests in leadership development and collaborative developmental action inquiry as a way for understanding and harnessing individual, group, and organizational levels of action.

Steve Kullback

Steve is an executive coach and leadership development consultant. He brings extensive experience working with leaders from disparate backgrounds who share common goals:
organizational excellence, leadership effectiveness, and personal fulfillment. 

Steve works with his clients to fully engage the complex—often competing—demands facing leaders.  He understands the reality of business and is practical and strategic. He supports clients to create results by executing on critical priorities, while also focusing on their vision for the future and by clarifying who they are as leaders.

Barry Coleman

Barry Coleman, MSOD, comes to Riverstone as an Organization Development consultant specializing in training, design and facilitation, coaching, diversity and inclusion management and leadership development. He has more than 20 years of experience and has earned an excellent reputation as a strategic human capital professional. 

Barry is skilled in group dynamics and has achieved outstanding results with large and small group facilitation assignments. Many of his coaching clients have experienced consistent, long-lasting success and recognition for their performance.  He has worked with several organizations developing and delivering training programs, ranging from customer service skills to leadership and management courses. 

Anne Nagle

Anne Nagle comes to Riverstone as a director of Cultivating Leadership.  She is an executive coach and management consultant whose focus is on leadership development. This work is delivered in many settings where Anne’s overarching purpose is to help people grow to handle greater complexity. Anne is certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile TM, a 360 competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Anne spent more than twenty years in corporate life as a senior executive in charge of worldwide Supply Chain functions for a number of US multinational/global organizations. This gave her rich experience in handling increasing levels of complexity and its personal impact. 

Pat Smith

Pat comes to Riverstone as an independent consultant who provides expertise on Leadership and Talent Selection and Development.  He is a results-focused practitioner-scholar, with significant experience driving international human resources initiatives, including leader development, performance management, change management, organization development, assessment, strategic performance modeling, benefits, compensation, staffing, succession planning, sustainable development, and coaching.

Pat is a native English speaker, is fluent in French, and has an understanding of Swedish and German. He has worked primarily in the Middle East, in Europe, and in the US. 


Michael Koehler comes to Riverstone as the CEO of KONU LLC. His leadership and organizational development work draws on his experience as an entrepreneur, professional dancer, and educator.

Michael teaches Leadership at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He holds a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Harvard Kennedy School and a Master in Education from Marburg University, Germany. He earned his Leadership Coaching certification from Georgetown University.

He founded and developed several bilingual K-12 charter schools in and is a Co-Founder and Board Member of the Adaptive Leadership Network.

He was the 2001 Silver Medalist at the European Championship in Rock ’n’ Roll Acrobatic Dance – and worked as a dance coach and choreographer for more than 15 years, with both beginners and champions


Chuck Miller

Charlyne “Chuck” Miller (M.S., ACC) has spent over 30 years partnering with thousands of leaders and teams around the world to help them substantially increase their effectiveness, solve problems, and strengthen their impact. She blends the latest research on the neuroscience of leadership, behavior, and change with practical business understanding to effectively work with her clients to help them develop mindset, awareness, and strategies that increase their effectiveness and help them to transition successfully into their ‘next-step’ leadership role. 

Joan Hobbs

Joan Hobbs comes to Riverstone as founder of Hobbs Leadership Coaching and Consulting. She is a results-driven Leadership Coach and Consultant with extensive Human Resource, Talent Management, and Organizational Development expertise. She is also an experienced leadership coach and consultant, with over 20 years of experience working inside organizations. Joan’s business experience includes senior leadership positions in management, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.

Kelly Lewis

Kelly comes to Riverstone as the Principal of the Lewis Leadership Group. She is a Master in Polarity Thinking, and a Leadership Coach who leverages her in-depth knowledge of Polarity Thinking and her fifteen years as a Fortune 500 executive to understand the complexity and context of the organizations her clients lead.

She helps her clients navigate the paradox present in today’s leadership landscape working from the principle that leadership is a way of being, not just something we do.  

Kelly serves on the faculty of Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership and as the Co-Director of the Certificate in Polarities & Paradox. 

Liz Mercer

Liz is an accomplished trainer, facilitator, and executive coach with a wealth of Human Resource and industry experience. She joins Riverstone as the founder of Perla Development, specializing in offering professional consulting services including the design and delivery of leadership and management development programs, 1:1 executive coaching, workshop facilitation, team development, and meeting facilitation. 

Liz has an extensive track record of developing highly effective and rewarding relationships. She understands large company organizational dynamics and has achieved notable success in maximizing individual and team performance through one-to-one coaching and tailored team development interventions. 

patrick masterson

Patrick joins Riverstone having a long standing career as a coach, speaker, and educator. He has coached leaders and supported organizations in strengthening management practices, holding crucial conversations, increasing alignment, creating culture change, advancing individual and professional development plans, and helping teams anticipate and address challenges associated with change. 

Patrick specializes in the diagnosis and management
of chronic tensions—situations where there will never be a simple either/or choice, but rather a sustained effort to manage tensions for performance. He has worked extensively around the country consulting to private industry, NGOs, and governments in developing
their organizations.  

Susan Nester

Susan comes to Riverstone as an award winning organization development consultant and leadership coach. With more than 15 years working with leaders and their teams, Susan takes pride in helping people work together to achieve their full potential.   

Susan’s business experience includes positions in organizational development and leadership & management development. She is skilled at helping leadership teams work together to align and execute strategy and goals and increase team performance. 

Bob Kleinschmidt

Bob comes to Riverstone having launched his own full time independent coaching and consulting practice.  Bob led the corporate leadership development function at Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 90 company and the leading US competitive energy provider with 35,000 employees nationwide. 

Bob is a client focused leadership and organization development consultant and facilitator, leadership coach, and therapist with expertise in leadership and team development, conflict resolution, organizational change management and talent management processes.  He partners with clients by utilizing a structured process for goal development, needs discovery and creation of customized interventions that produce improved organizational effectiveness.

Neeraj Bhagat

Neeraj Bhagat, ACC, MBA, PMP, comes to Riverstone from Inspired Strategies, Inc.  He is an experienced executive and leadership coach, trainer, and speaker.  Throughout his twenty-five years of professional work, he has been drawn to the “human side” of business, playing the roles of coach, facilitator, and advisor while holding formal positions in management, consulting, teaching strategy, marketing, and sales.  He has experience working in organizations of all sizes, from startups to very large entities.  He has coached and trained people across the enterprise, from front line employees to Chief Executive Officers.  

Neeraj brings a wealth of real-world business experience which he combines with his “compassionately intense” style to help clients achieve breakthroughs that immensely impact their organizations and their lives.  He is a fierce champion of what is possible and an empathetic holder of the proverbial mirror, so clients experience deep learning and achieve progressive action towards major goals.  


Brendan comes to Riverstone as the founder of i2i Coaching. He draws upon a narrative coaching approach to help leaders gain clarity about what they want, let go of what no longer works, and create results that matter. He believes change happens when people connect to a deeper sense of purpose and they unleash their passion to create and achieve outcomes. Slowing down, reflecting, and taking the right next steps, along with a touch of serious play, are key components of his coaching approach.

Last year Brendan learned to sail, and can be found somewhere on the Hudson River most Saturdays during the summer. He also takes regular singing lessons for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because he believes he’ll be able to sing a few songs really well one day.