Patrick Masterson has worked extensively around the country consulting to private industry, NGOs, and governments in developing their organizations. Patrick holds a senior position at the University of Maryland’s Center for Leadership and Organizational Change. He has coached leaders and supported organizations in strengthening management practices, holding crucial conversations, increasing alignment, creating culture change, advancing individual and professional development plans, and helping teams anticipate and address challenges associated with change.

He is a frequently requested speaker and educator in leadership development, organizational performance, and organizational effectiveness. He specializes in the diagnosis and management of chronic tensions—situations where there will never be a simple either/or choice, but rather a sustained effort to manage tensions for performance.

Patrick received his master's in organization development from American University's School of Public Affairs and his bachelor's from Antioch College, with post-graduate studies at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He is a recognized expert in polarity management and is a professional member of NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences.