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The stone changes
the river
As the river changes
the stone.


Dealing with paradox has received a lot of attention lately.

The growing complexity of organizations means leaders are increasingly faced with seemingly unsolvable situations containing two or more opposing solutions.

  • Do we do what’s best for the bottom line or what’s best for the environment?
  • Do we draw a hard line in the sand or worry about being diplomatic?
  • Do we take time to focus on employees or work faster to achieve more output?
  • Do we focus on being collaborative or maintain our competitive spirit?
  • Do we drive to meet our own goals or support another team to help out the whole?

There’s no shortage of talk about how hard it can be to deal with paradox, dualities, dilemmas, wicked problems, etc. In fact, some argue that knowing how to handle paradox is among the top skills needed by modern leaders.

Unfortunately, while many people talk about paradox, very few talk about what to do with paradox or how to successfully deal with it.

That’s where we come in.

We are leading experts in helping organizations navigate paradox and polarities. It informs all
that we do.

Consulting  We work with groups to identify and leverage the polarities at the root of their transformation efforts so that they implement changes more quickly, with less effort, and in ways that are more sustainable over time.    

Teaching  We incorporate polarities as a key component of our customized leadership programs and teach as expert faculty in other leadership development programs as well. People leave our sessions not just knowing about polarities, but with skills to see and navigate them in real world situations.

Coaching  We use a polarity lens to help clients gain a fuller perspective and uncover resistance to change when they are overusing a strength or a preference—like candor (or diplomacy), flexibility (or structure), focus on others (or focus on self)— to name a few.

Let's talk about how polarities are affecting your organization.